rob feldman


 Rob Feldman ( also known by his WWF name 'The Refrigerator',

or his Sumo name, Feldo San ) is one of the leading lights of
Contemporary Cartooning and Comic Making in his house.

Feldman finally fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a household name by changing his name to 'Salt and Pepper' in 2001, and later to 'Toast and Jam' in 2004 before returning to the more ordinary yet charmingly endearing 'Rob Feldman' in 2006.

Feldman attended the prestigious Prahran Technical College in 1978
( Graphic Design ), and though he didn't technically finish his studies there
he was quoted as saying that it was 'quite fun' .He also attended
Sydney University , and by attending we mean that he attended the
canteen, contributed cartoons to Honi Soit , and visited friends .

     Feldman specializes in wildly imaginative and humourous cartoon

and comic art , and his work has appeared in magazines ,
newspapers and assorted publications in Thailand ( Pattaya People
Magazine ), the Philippines ( Mabuhay -- Philippine Airlines
Inflight Magazine ) and Australia ( Maitland Mercury , Wimmera Mail Times , Mt. Isa Star , Daily Telegraph )

Nat Karmichael in his ComicOz blog described Feldman as ' the finest new individual cartooning talent I have seen in a long time. '

Known for his quick wit ,  sharp observational skills ,

astonishingly wide range of styles , deeply insightful
philosophical insights , bizarre and quirky sense of humour ,
and for his heartwarming and endearing humility , Feldman
has a penchant for writing about himself in the 3rd person ,
and making himself sound quite good .

 To say that Feldman is passionate about golf would be completely

misleading , as he has never played it, though he did once caddy .


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